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Pawn Shop Transactions
Do ALL Transactions from One Main Screen
The main screen is the heart of the XPawn® System. Its ingenious design lets you handle all customers pawns, sales, layaways and payments with just a few clicks. Saves time, and time is money right?
Clear, Easy, Graphical Screens
Take full advantage of Microsoft Windows® magnificent graphical interface. Intuitive and easy to learn. Cut training time to a minimum. If you have used Windows®, you can use XPawn®. Almost anyone can write a pawn ticket with minimal training.

Pawn Broker Software

Pawn sales, print photos on appraisal sheets

On-Screen Digital Photos
Quickly take and store photos of your customers and inventory (sales & pawn). Photos are perfect for confirming ID, and in some states, are required by law. Keep a photo of valuable items on file, and use it to sell on EBay. XPawn® also stores and prints photos on appraisal sheets.

Designed with the Latest Technology in mind
XPawn® is designed for the 21st century and supports all the newest technologies. The XPawn® Software is famous for its flexibility, and so is its compatibility for Hardware in use today, but ready for the future.
ID Scanner for PAWN SHOP
Data search, inventory tracking, sorting, labeling
intelligently Search your Data
Smart search screens, such as this pawn-item search lets you find exactly what you're looking for in an instant. Then you can sort it, filter it, label it, print it, ect...
Customer Stats at a Glance
See at a glance what kind of history the customer has with you. Make sound decisions based on meaningful information that is both fair for you and your client.
Pawn customer history softwaresions.
XPawn is programmed in Microsoft Access
Based on the Microsoft Office® Suite.
XPawn® is programmed in Microsoft Access, giving you the ability to freely import and export between XPawn® and Excel, Word, E-mail, the Internet, etc.
No more tedious searching
XPawn's® unique Quickstart screen is almost psychic! Just enter any kind of data, such as name, ID no., SSN, pawn ticket #, or swipe a Mag-Stripe on a Drivers License. XPawn® figures out what to do and takes you where you need to go. What a great time saver!
XPawn's unique Quickstart screen
The power of Microsoft Office and XPawn
See your Data in a way it makes sense.
You are no longer restricted to dull dot-matrix printouts. The power of Microsoft Office allows XPawn® to make sense of your numbers, which will help you make "better informed" business decisions.
All Documents on ONE Laser Printer
One laser printer does the work of serveral older-style printers, producing clean, crisp professional Reg-Z pawn tickets, receipts, reports, etc.
print reg-Z pawn tickets, receipts, reports, etc...
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Member of the National Pawnbrokers Association